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Natural Nutritional Solution For Dengue Fever

Posted by nishavally on July 8, 2009

Natural Nutritional Solution For Dengue Fever.

Two Nutritional Formulae for the Prevention and Management of Dengue Fever developed by Alternative Medicine Research Institute, Center for Asia.

Five year clinical real-time outcome driven evidence-based case study report with attestation from Alternative Medicine Research Institute, Canada.

Dengue Fever arrested and reversed within 24 to 48 hours.

Nutritional Products Used :

Mas Amirthaamirtha Mas Semalu semalu

Each capsule taken three times a day effectively arrests and reverses the viral infection and prevents the disease from advancing into a life threatening state.

This treatment is based on the formulae traditionally used in ancient Indian Medicine for infectious diseases caused by viruses such as chicken pox, measles and small pox.

The formulae was improved using Spices, Beans, Cereals and Natural Vitamins with one commonly used herb which has anti-viral properties.

The products are approved by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia and Singapore.

There are no known effective treatment for dengue fever in allopathic western medicine. Confirmed dengue fever cases are only symptomatically managed until the disease goes through its full course, causing damages to the body thereby causing loss of health for the victim.

The natural nutritional formulae offered here will arrest the disease at he suspected stage and cures even at the early stage, the body and its organs are protected from damage if the disease is allowed to go through its normal course.

Since the formulae are made from nutritional substances, it is totally safe and there are no side effects.

Hundreds of patients have been saved through this natural nutritional formulae.

Save the body from the devastating effects of Dengue Fever.


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